Traditional (Design-Bid-Build) Contracting

There are variations in this approach, but each eventually requires the involvement of 3 Square Contracting, Inc. in the following ways:

  • Provide “Hard Bid” for Project Scope
  • Contract Execution/Payment Management
  • Construction Management/Execution

With Traditional Contracting, we serve both the owner and the Architect in construction of a set design. If brought into the process in a negotiated fashion, 3 Square can work to assist in value engineering, help provide initial cost estimates through the design phase, give multiple bids per trade, and even provide a guaranteed maximum cost for a project.

Design and Build Contracting

When involved at the outset, we become the single point of responsibility for both the design and the construction. In this case, 3 Square has a contract with the owner and then secures contracts for architectural, engineering, and construction services. This is appropriate in certain instances and many factors must be considered. It often enables the construction project to be reduced in price.

Construction Management

In this arrangement the client is under contract with the designer(s), the construction manager, and the individual trade companies for the project. This gives the owner a certain amount of flexibility and responsibility that some owners require. This method is often used, but needs to be determined no a case by case basis.